Having critical view of economic processes and phenomena, you will be able to analyze the causes, identify partial solutions and, in cooperation with other team members, contribute to the creation and implementation of solutions to specific economic and managerial tasks. As a graduate, you will be able to hold professional economic positions in the business sphere, managerial positions at lower and middle levels of management and acquired economic and entrepreneurial competence will also enable you to be self-employed, developing small (family) business. Should you wish to expand your knowledge even more, you can continue in studies on master’s level.


Programme structure

The curriculum of the programme consists of compulsory, compulsory elective and elective courses. The compulsory and compulsory elective courses will give you a strong foundation in core disciplines a well-versed manager has to master: business economy, finance, management, accounting and foreign languages. The elective courses will give you an opportunity to widen your knowledge by a number of specialisations. You can also choose from a selection of optional courses to enrich your study experience by different perspectives.


Download study plan HERE.


Admission requirements

The programme is open to applicants with complete secondary education who pass all parts of a written entrance examination consisting of:

  • Aptitude test
  • English language test

Applicants who passed the admission test but have not finished their secondary education by the date of admission can be given a conditional offer and have to present the proof of finished secondary education no later than on the enrolment day.

All applicants are allowed to take the admission test only once in a given year.

Please note that we are not granting any waivers from either part of the entrance examination.

There is also a possibility to take the exam with SCIO company (It is the implementer and guarantor of National Comparative Exams in Slovakia and Czech Republic) which offers to take a professional tests for acceptance exam. Read more on website: https://www.scio.sk/english/about-us2.asp

Succesfull passing of the exam in General Academic Prerequisites (General skills and aptitudes test) and English Language with a score of 60 percentile of each test gives the applicant permission to become a student of EUBA. All parts of the test must be successfully completed until 30 April, 2022.


Please note that you have to provide us a certified true copy of the recognition of your secondary school graduation certificate issued by a foreign education institution by enrollment day.


Information about nostrification HERE.



Talented students with excellent academic performance are eligible for EUBA’s scholarship.

A number of external scholarships is also available. Please contact Slovak Academic Information Agency to find more.

Please note that these are external scholarship schemes and are not administrated by the EUBA.


Double Degree

Preparing for an international career? The international cooperation of the faculty and the recognition of acquired knowledge, skills and competences enables you to study the BEM program also as a double degree program in partnership with the Business School of Ningbo University in China or the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt in Germany.

In addition, as part of the internationalization of studies, you are allowed to acquire the necessary skills abroad, by participating in study or internship exchange, while you have a guaranteed recognition of imported credits.


3 good reasons to join Bachelor in Business Economics and Management program

  • graduating the program gives our students competence to take managerial responsibility in a company or to start own enterprise
  • the program graduates have opportunities to acquire knowledge of business economics and management by international experience
  • the program prepares our graduates for Masters’ studies in Economics, Management and related study fields


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