Physical training (P.T.) is not included in the proposed semester schedule on bachelor's, neither engineering studies. For the semester, student can register and sign up for selected sport activities from the offer of the Center for Physical Activities (CTVŠ) through AIS. In the credit study system, P.T. is included as a subject of a university-wide offer and it is implemented in a selective form. Students choose from the current offer of physical education activities. Compulsory P.T. and the number of credits vary according to the individual faculties (see "Study program" of the relevant faculty). The condition for obtaining credit is 100% participation on trainings or participation in a winter or summer course, in a minimum of 5 teaching days. If the student does not have a compulsory P.T. during the semester, he/she can enroll optionally. Optionally, the student can enroll also for the winter or summer courses. P.T. continues in a modified form also during exam period and is optional as well.

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Subjects at the Center for Physical Activities (CTVŠ)

Aerobics and its forms

  • Aerobics, step aerobics - aerobic exercise of high intensity, strengthening, stretching
  • Bodywork - aerobic and strength training, stretching
  • Cheerleaders - dance group, rehearsal of dance programs, school representation
  • Fitballaerobik - exercise on big balls, aerobic load, strengthening, stretching
  • Modern dance - a lesson focused on different styles of modern dance
  • Power Yoga - Yoga exercises, breathing exercises, relaxation and concentration
  • Pilates - A system of exercises to gain strength, flexibility, fitness and concentration
  • Relax stretching - relaxation exercises, muscle relaxation, strengthening
  • Tabata - high intensity interval training

Individual sports

  • Badminton - basic game technique, advanced
  • Exercises in the gym - strength exercises with the help of dumbbells and strength machines
  • Inline skates - basics of skating, advanced
  • Swimming - basics of swimming for non-swimmers, advanced swimming for advanced, university swimming league for performance swimmers
  • Table tennis - for beginners and advanced, mix men, women
  • Tennis - for beginners and advanced

Collective sports

  • Basketball - for beginners and advanced, university league
  • Floorball - contactless ball hockey, beginners and advanced, university league
  • Soccer - for beginners and advanced, men and women, university league
  • Futsal - University league of 10-member teams, men and women, university league
  • Handball - for beginners and advanced, men and women
  • Hockey - advanced, university representation
  • Volleyball - For beginners and advanced mix men and women, university league

Representation at the faculties and universities - university league:

  • basketball, floorball, football, futsal, handball, hockey, swimming, volleyball - performance athletes

Objects for teaching TV activities

  • Horský park (ul. Prokopa Veľkého, bus no. 84) - gym, gym, sauna, football field with artificial grass, multifunctional field
  • Swimming pool Pasienky (Junácka 4, bus no. 98) - swimming, aqua aerobics, large or small pool
  • Sports Hall Elán (Bajkalská ul., Bus no. 98) - futsal, handball
  • Sports hall Agrofert STU (behind the EU Dolnozemská complex) - tennis, badminton

Ekonóm University Sports Club (USP) 

With its program, USP Ekonóm provides club members from among students, friends, graduates and school employees with recreational and sports activities. These activities are provided beyond compulsory and optional physical education (provided by CTVŠ) during the semester and the examination period.

Sports activities offered by USPEKONÓM:

  • fitness bodybuilding,
  • aerobics,
  • zumba,
  • yoga,
  • pilates,
  • badminton,
  • swimming,
  • boating,
  • relaxation - relaxation block (whirlpool, sauna).

Recreational activities take place in sports facilities:

  • ŠH Squash centrum - (Pionierska ulica 12) - Body Forming, TABATA, Ballet Calanetics, SOM, Body Step, Pilates, Healthy Back;
  • FIT Style (Šustekova 9) - Stepaerobic, Pilates, ZUMBA, Power Yoga, Body Forming, gym;
  • Slavia Agrofert (May 21) - badminton;
  • Gym Horský park – fitness bodybuilding; aerobics;
  • Pasienky swimming pool (Junácka 4) - swimming;
  • Swimming pool Petržalka (Tupolevova 7) - regeneration (swimming pool, sauna, whirlpool);
  • Slovak, Czech and Slovenian rivers – rafting.