Faculty of National Economy

Financial and bank analyst, equity or bond trader, wealth management, credit analyst, treasury analyst and risk analysis. Some of the most rewarding and challenging professions in domestic and international corporate community demand a background in finance.

University of Economics in Bratislava

An MBA degree is the most respected qualification worlwide for managers who aspire to work in the highest executive positions. The MBA program in English at the BBS UEBA begins every year in September. During the 20-months of study the students will complete 9 modules focused on development of knowledge in the fields of the Business Environment, Human Resources Management, Marketing Management, Management and Economy, Operational and Project Management, Financial and Account Management, Corporate Finance and Strategic Management.

Faculty of Economic Informatics

Are you strong in German and want to use all the opportunities German-speaking world has to offer in business and finance? Our German-taught programme gives you an opportunity to build up a solid base in accounting, corporate finance and capital markets. IFM graduates are highly sought after in finance and public administration institutions. The programme is organized in cooperation with the Martin Luther University in Halle-Wittemberg.

Faculty of Commerce

MSM is French-taught programme that enables you to gain the knowledge and improve your skills in the field of business, sales and marketing. You will have an opportunity to get a double diploma, a master degree from the University of Economics in Bratislave and a Master 1 diploma in European studies (management focus) or Master 2 diploma in European studies (focused on financial management and the European area) awarded by the University of Lorraine. If you are considering to build your successful international career and French is your passion, then MSM is the best choice for your.

Faculty of International Relations

A unique programme combining economics and politics, EDIPS employs innovative teaching methods to give you a deep understanding of dynamic developments in the world today. The programme has been designed to prepare competent decision-makers for private businesses and governmental institutions, media and NGOs who want to kick off their career internationally.

Faculty of National Economy

Run by experienced international faculty, the MGF will give you a deep understanding of global financial trends and anlytical tools indespensable for making responsible and successful financial decitions in a global context. The program has been designed to prepare leading professionals in finance, banking and consulting. MGF is offered also as a double degree programme with the National Institute of Development and Administration in Bangkok, Thailand.

Faculty of National Economy

Practically-oriented and intellectually stimulating, the MIF will provide you with the skills and abilities you needed for your international career in finance. The programme covers banking, taxation, corporate finance, and capital markets. MIF graduates have taken up careers as brokers, bankers, analysts, in international financial institutions, private equity and consulting. We encourage our students to pursue the programme as a double degree in cooperation with one of the best business schools in Europe, Nottingham Trent University.

Faculty of Business Management

Our MGM programme is for those considering careers in middle and higher management. It offers thorough academic grounding in strategic and international management, and gives you crucial leadership skills to manage large groups of people in various business and cultural settings. You will be ready to make informed and responsible management decisions and kick off your career in just about any area of management from consulting and development to project management, human resources and recruitment. You can pursue the programme as a double degree with our partners, EM Strabourg, France and Ningbo University, China.

Faculty of Business Management

BEM will give you theoretical and practical knowledge, and analytical skills necessary to understanding of economic processes in the business and international economic environment. Our graduates take up careers in international enterprises, public service and non-profit sector, and anywhere else where taking sound economic decisions, analysing business processes and skilled team management is needed. The programme is available as a double degree with our partner Ningbo University in China.