Our MCBM programme is for those willing to learn how to manage complex marketing problems in companies requiring mid and long-term decision making. It offers thorough academic education in the field of marketing mix, the steps of its effective synthesis and how to simulate the consumers' behaviour in ever changing environment. The deep knowledge of the qualitative as well as quantitative methods used in marketing, the adoption of the new trends especially in digital marketing and social media would make you the valuable source for the business environment.


Programme Structure

The curriculum of the programme consists of mandatory and elective courses. The mandatory courses as:  Purchasing and Sale, Trade Operations, Marketing Management, Consumer and Civil Law, Distribution Management, Trade Company Economic Analysis will give you a solid basis for your future career. The elective courses will give you the opportunity to widen the specific knowledge related to trade and marketing in more details and the offer of optional courses will enrich you in the areas you are deeply interested in.


Admission requirements

The programme is open to applicants with completed bachelor's degree in commercial entrepreneurship, economics, management and related disciplines (e.g. finance, travel and tourism, logistics, etc.). Applicants who have not finished their bachelor’s studies by the date of admission must provide an official confirmation of their ongoing studies along with the expected date of graduation. They can be given a conditional offer with the final decision to be taken upon delivery of the proof of completed bachelor’s programme. The selection is based on the review of submitted documents.



Talented students with excellent academic performance are eligible for EUBA’s motivation scholarship.

A number of external scholarships is also available. Please contact Slovak Academic Information Agency to find more.

Students from Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Ukraine and the rest of the Visegrad countries except for Slovakia can be considered for the Visegrad Scholarship.

Please note that these are external scholarship schemes and are not administrated by the EUBA.


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