The UEBA is the part of the European Higher Education Area and the common European Research Area (ERA). As part of this integration its mission is to provide a quality higher education in all three levels of university studies in the complex of economic and management curricula and selected study programs in the humanities and the informatics, to develop the knowledge based on the freedom of creative scientific research in economics, informatics, humanities and social sciences, and thus contributing to development of the knowledge society in Slovakia and in the European area.


The UEBA which has already confirmed and strengthened its position as a leader in higher education and research in economics and management in Slovakia,

will be in the year of 2019

based on the proven level and the quality of education, the intensity and the quality of research, the success of its graduates in the labour market especially in Slovakia and the EU, on the active cooperation with the socio-economic practice in promoting mutually advantageous transfer of knowledge, by the creation of a quality and effective network of international relations, by the achievement of prestigious signs of quality based on the results of the national complex accreditation, by its activities and the interim results of the international accreditation in the system AACSB as well as appearance and effective communication of the results achieved in an environment of relevant community,

perceived and recognized

as a modern and dynamic university comparable to major and generally respected  institutions of high education and of similar professional orientation at least in the region of Central Europe, with a high professional and scientific level, reflecting the social responsibility, which manifests in the concrete projects of cooperation with institutions and organizations in Slovakia and abroad.


In pursuing its mission, the University is applying the following principles of functioning:

  1. Social responsibility in relation to Slovakia and to foreign countries
  2. Academic excellence and quality in all areas
  3. Internationalisation of the activities

The UEBA proclaims the values and principles of the Magna Charta Universitatum. In addition the University supports and appreciates:

  • moral integrity,
  • awareness of social responsibility and its active implementation,
  • applying the sense of duty, performance and quality at work and study,
  • loyal attitude towards the University, institutional fellowship and public defence of its interests,
  • the pursuit of continuous personal development and lifelong learning without distinction of position held at the University,
  • innovation and creativity, a sense of teamwork,
  • observance of the principles of professional ethics in relation to the University as well as to the external environment,
  • interpersonal empathy, mutual respect and tolerance, willingness to lead constructive dialogue and discussion.


  • at national level, to promote the University as a university promoting its research character,
  • to internationalize the University as an institution that meets international standards in all areas of its activities.


  • continuous improvement of quality in all activities in line with international standards,
  • internationalization of education, science, research and other activities of the university by activating partnerships and networking,
  • to intensify relations with national and international bodies, institutions and organizations of the state and public sector, economic and social practices,
  • to create and promote a creative work environment and atmosphere, to build, encourage and deepen peer-to-peer relationships between employees and between the University staff and students,
  • to improve internal and external communication of the University and relay on feedback from the relevant groups.