How much is the tuition fee?

The tuition fee varies from € 1,500 per academic year up to € 2,500 per academic year depending on the program.

When is the application period?

We are accepting applications from 1 December until 29 February.

How do I get my visa?

The applicants are required to apply for a temporary residence permit at the respective Slovak embassy or consulate general competent for the country of your current residence. Please visit our page VISA.

You can find a complete list of embassies: The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

Can I study part-time?

No, we do not offer part-time programs.

Does the University have any child care facilities?

The EUBA does not have its own child care facilities, but there is number of nurseries and kindergartens located within a walking distance from the University.

Do you offer family accommodation?

Unfortunately, we do not have capacities for family accommodation.

How much is the rent for an apartment in Bratislava?

The price varies from location to location and according to the type of apartment but, generally speaking, you can find private accommodation for around € 300 per month not far from to the University.

What are the living costs in Bratislava?

Living costs vary greatly depending on your lifestyle. Generally speaking, € 300 per month excl. rent is a good estimate for a moderate student lifestyle.

Is the University of Economics in Bratislava an eligible host institution for Visegrad Scholarship Program?

Yes, we are an eligible hosting institution.

I am not an EU citizen. How can I take the admission exam?

Entrance examination for study programmes in English will be held ONLINE.