students> 8 000
student to teacher ratio15:1
degree programmes61
Erasmus+ agreements> 300
bilateral agreements110


5 reasons why to choose the UE in Bratislava

1. High Educational Impact

Being one of the most important educational and research institutions in Slovakia, we are also the oldest and largest university with economics and business focus in Slovakia. Since 1940, we have prepared over 100 000 students for their successful careers in economics and business.


2. Low Student to Teacher Ratio

Low student to teacher ratio enables us to keep the groups small. At the EUBA you will experience an education on a human scale where you have a lot of opportunities for interaction with teachers.


3. Developed International Cooperation

You can benefit from more than 400 agreements with universities from all around the world and spend a great deal of your studies abroad. All of our programmes can be pursued as a double degree option at some of the best business schools in Europe and Asia.


4. Low Tuition Fees

At €1 500 or €2 500 per academic year, we have the lowest tuition fees for comparable quality education in all Central Europe.


5. Best Location

Study in a lively student town with perfect international connection. As a capital of Slovakia, Bratislava is an ideal place to put your knowledge into practice. All in all, it is not only about studying. Have fun in a welcoming cosy little town. You will never get lost here!