Student Parliament at the EUBA

The EUBA Student Parliament is the highest representative body of university students, with the goal to represent the interests of all university students, to provide non-formal education and to participate in creating suitable conditions for the development of student life at university.

The parliament consists of members of student parliaments of the faculties of the University and of elected representatives of students at all faculties. Student parliaments of each faculty act as a contact point for every student who seeks answers to their questions about study, student life, they defend the rights of students and represent them in the organs of the university.

The Board of the EUBA Student Parliament has the main executive function, consists of 2 representatives for each faculty who also perform the function of a member of the EUBA Academic Senate. The leading role of the Board is held by the President, or the Vice-President of the EUBA Student Parliament. Each faculty has also a faculty student parliament, whose role is to represent students in the faculty academic senate and to carry out student activities on the faculty level.

AIESEC Bratislava - Experience at Home and Abroad

AIESEC is the world's largest organization run by university students and graduates. It consists of a network of 60,000 members, operating at 1700 universities in 110 countries.

Purpose of AIESEC is to provide students with work experience during university studies, as well as with additional education  and skills, new contacts, possibility to organise large events and conferences and more in our member programmes. In addition, we mediate internships to one of our 110 partner countries.

Among partners of AIESEC you would find companies like Dell, Accenture, Microsoft, Triad, Grayling and many others.

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ESN/Buddy System

The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is the largest student organization in Europe supporting and developing student exchange on local/university, national and international level. Since 1989, this organization has expanded to 40 countries and is composed of more than 500 sections! At the University of Economics, there is the ESN EU Bratislava section – on the one hand, on the basis of volunteering we are offering help, guidance and valuable information to exchange students and helping exchange students to adapt in the new environment, on the other hand, we are bringing together local students who are interested in volunteering and in activities within the international environment.

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