Mission of the university

University of Economics in Bratislava belongs

To the European Higher Education Area and the common European Research Area.

In the framework of its integration,

its mission is to

provide a good quality higher education in all three levels of university studies
in the complex of economic and management programmes of study and selected programmes of study in the field of humanities and informatics,

to develop knowledge based on the freedom of creative scientific research

in the field of economics, economy, informatics, humanities and social sciences, and thus

contribute to the development of the knowledge-based society

in Slovakia and in the European Area.

Vision of the university

The aim of the UE in Bratislava is to be perceived and recognized as

quality, modern research university with international direction


reflects social responsibility

and prepares

graduates able to react on the challenges of globalization.

Principles of actions of the university

In pursuing its mission, the university had applied in the preceding period, currently applies and will apply the following stable principles of functioning:

  1. Accentuation of the social responsibility towards the SR and foreign countries in the process of implementing core actions (education, research and transfer of knowledge)
  2. Implementation and further development of the academic excellence and quality in all fields of activity
  3. Internationalization in all activities of the university

Values in the activitiies of the university

The UE in Bratislava proclaims the values and principles enshrined in the Magna Charta Universitatum. In accordance with the aforesaid document, the university particularly:

  • develops its activities on principles of autonomy, moral and scientific independence from politics and respects academic freedoms,
  • applies the principle of the indivisibility of educational activities from science and research,
  • supports critical thinking in the creative activity of the university staff,
  • rejects intolerance and promotes dialogue in all areas of activities of the university,
  • applies and develops traditions and values of democracy and European humanism,
  • develops traditions of the European dialogue and promotes interaction between cultures,
  • respects and applies the principle of equal opportunities.

In line with its mission, principles and values, the university strives to form students so that they will not only become successful qualified economists, managers and other professionals in socio-economic practice, but will also behave in accordance with the values which the university declares and promotes in their professional and civic lives.

The fulfilment of the mission of the university, the rigorous application of the basic principles of its functioning, the respect and promotion of the declared values, and the implementation of the main strategic objectives are the basis for the university to reach the following vision. 

Strategic objectives of the university

In order to achieve its mission and accomplish the vision of the university, the management of the UE in Bratislava, while respecting the basic principles, proposes the following strategic objectives at national and international level for the period of 2019 - 2027:

  • shape the university so that it promotes its research character,
  • shape the university as an institution meeting national and international standards in all areas of its activity. 

Priorities in the activities of the university

Achieving the strategic goals requires to focus all the university activities on key strategic priorities that go beyond all areas of its activities and which will be met by the implementation of individual tasks. In fulfilling the strategic goals and priorities, the UE in Bratislava acts and will be acting in the unity and synergy of all its organizational components, i.e. all faculties and other organizational units according to the Statute of the university of Economics in Bratislava.